Final Portfolio

Photography Career

I would be interested in the advertising marketing professional. I think the art director job would also be interesting. And finally, the cinematographer job. I think one thing that links all these jobs together and is why I’m interested is because they all allow a lot of freedom and creativity in a good job.

I think my favorite job though would be the advertising marketing professional for a lot of reasons. First of all, if you’re working with big enough of companies it’d be a lot of money. Approximately $38,000 ranging to $286,000 a year. But besides the money the creativity allowed would be worth it alone. For the amount of money its rare for the job to still allow you to follow your passion and come up with new things every day. Especially if you’re working freelance and had your own studio you wouldn’t even have work to go to everyday.

Another job I’d be interested in is the cinematographer. This job is really intresting because almost your entire job is having a vison for pictures and parts of movies or similar and bringing those shots to life. Someone like this could expect to be making $80,000 a year.

Mastery of Photography

For the Mastery of photography assignment, I chose to write about the photographer minor white also known as just white. White was a photographer through the early and mid 1900s born in 1908 and dying in 1976. He lived in more northern areas of American being born in Minnesota which you can see in a lot of his photographs which I believe show a strong presence of the cold and winter ascetics. His photographs range a lot so its hard to classify them under one category. But I think the main type of photographs you can see are landscapes texture, and a lot of abstract photos. Something that is definitely hard to find is him photographing people though, probably about 80% having no people. Obviously being a photographer in his time, he only had black and white film. One of my favorite kinds of his pictures are his landscape pictures just capturing nature barely touched by humans almost like all he was doing was capturing a piece of nature no one else had seen and showing the world. But Another really good kind of picture by him is. his texture pictures especially for his time. I don’t understand how when he was in his era of photography his texture pictures were so perfect showing amazing detail and the perfect composition. But I really have to say again how the texture in his pictures is so accentuated which is hard to do even today with digital cameras.

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