Framing Composition

1/4000 sec; f/5.0; iso3200; manual; pattern metering 

1/2000 sec; f/5.6; iso 400; manual; pattern metering

I feel like my second picture of the glasses had much stronger composition. I think that both photographs were edited better then most of my pictures too. If I shot  this assignment again I really would have liked to shoot the first picture in between the bars so there’s not a line through the middle. I think my first picture is good enough to be put on the home page but I still feel like I could’ve done much better then that so not the best out of all the classes.

DSLR camera and lens tips

-DSLR stands for digital single reflex
-A big reason DSLRs are different is because of their detachable lenses
-Prime lenses have only one focal length while zooms have variable lengths
-kit lenses are the basic lenses that come with cameras
-fish eye is the smallest focal length used for architecture or landscape
-Telephoto though is the biggest focal length used for sports and wildlife
-Telephoto applies to anything past 300mm and above 135
-Zoom and focus are different things
-AF stands for auto focus and Manual focus stands for manual focus
-exposure is made up of iso, aperture and shutter speed
-Exposure could be described as a window or garden hose
-Iso describes sensitivity pf the digital sensors
-more light=lower iso
-less light=higher iso
-shutter speed is how long the shutter is open
– Your shutter speed should be double your frame rate
-We use tripods to not have camera shake
-The f stop determines how much light eneters the lens
-We describe lenses as mount, series, focal length, and maximum aperture
-setting the correct white balance is very important


This collage was made up of most of the music that means a lot to me and of course skating which means the most to me. The haggus logo in the top right was one of my sisters favorite bands for the genre. The thug angels album cover in the top right was also one of her favorites. Creature in the top left was where I got my first real board and is to this day still my favorite brand. The slick rick behind bars album cover is just an album I can say I’ve listened to since I was probally 10 and still listen to.

The anrchey symbol in the top right is just from punk something i also loved from my sister. Skate and destroy stands for  a lot in skating but its something I love for just the quote itself and I try to live up to. The skater at the bottom right is a trick from one of the first parts from thrasher I watched.

Portrait Read and Write

-a good portrait tells a story, sparks emotions
-The best way to do this is with composition
-the background is an important piece
-setting up the subject is also important
-there should be more to the story then just a face
-the face can tell a lot of a story
-a portrait just needs a person a sense of a story
-a portrait should show harmony
-It takes time to think about what would make a portrait good
-There are a lot of decions to be made when taking a portrait

This is a piece of artwork done by Salvador Dali and my favorite art work of his. He was one of the first artist to make and popularize surrealism art. He made one of the most popular piece of surrealistic art, the persistance of memory. But still I think this is one of his best pieces of art. The most impressive parts is his creativity to perfectly reflect the swans into elephants in the water. But one of the best parts is how the background falls behind and is out of focus but looks vaguely normal until you start looking at it and see how wrong it is.


1/1300 sec; f/13; iso 400; manual; center weighted- average metering


This is a picture I thought showed a good alternate angle. All though it isn’t at a more common alternative angle I think it it’s one of my favorite. In the way it was taken it looks like the photopgrapher was almost in the ground. The way the picture is taken only makes the bamboos taller somehow.

The place where the picture was taken was already a perfect place for a straight picture. But it was made 10 times better through just being taken from the floor. in terms of Composition there’s at least 10 leading lines. And once the eye follows the leading lines it opens up into the sky.

Some how the picture also shows a bit of texture on the bamboo sides. Even though its taken from the floor looking up there’s a bit of focousing on the closer bamboo trees while the others fade out.